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August 4, 2019

Canton, Miss. Limited Who Saw the Meteor Train To the Editor of the Scientific American:

Regarding the letter on your page 275 re “Meteor Train,” I was one of a gathering of around twelve at Mamaroneck, New York, who saw the appearance considerably as depicted by Mr. Pfarre. Philadelphia, Pa. Edward T. Youngster. Exercises of the Gordon Bennett Flying Race. To the Editor of the Scientific American:

With reference to the above subject in your issue of August nineteenth

Will you Used auto parts near me allow a couple of valuable comments in simultaneousness with Mr. Grover Loening’s perspectives subsequently? Your benefactor lays specific worry upon the trouble experienced by such capable examples as Weymann and Leblanc in turning pointedly at every arch, and accentuates then again the office and furthermore magnificent “banking” performed by Ogilvie on the “Infant Wright.”

Now it is surely right that this accomplishment

is troublesome consistently with such shallow zone out of all extent on account of the 60 square feet surface of the cut Bleriot, however it is likewise equally1 sure that the divergent power produced by the single tractor-screw is a factor not to be neglected. That of the Nieuport was 7 feet distance across, the Bleriot 8% feet, while the twin propellers of the Wright are 8% feet each, the last anyway rotating in inverse ways and in this way balancing radiating activity amplified in the monoplanes.

Thus, the Wright—or its equal, a monoplane with twin propellers—can “bank” intensely in arranging turns which would require wide bends with the single-screw type or an elective loss of strength and calamity. A still further purpose of significance with monoplanes driven by twin screws is the more noteworthy speed feasible over the biplane comparatively impelled, with moreover the office to fashion against more grounded breezes—a genuine goal. It is extremely uncommon

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